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The current bustling custom home market has resulted in the introduction of exciting new ideas in design, colors, textures, building materials, and the way they are all put together. At the forefront of this revolution stands New Atlantic Builders.


What distinguishes a New Atlantic Builders from a traditional house? At New Atlantic Builders, we believe that what distinguishes our homes is how they reflect each owner’s tastes and standards. Each home is a work of art and pride.


When we talk of quality, what do we mean? From first to last, from the front door to the back yard, each space should show that it was designed for your specific needs. Your particular tastes. Your individual personality. Custom, not customized.


Quality is, in large measure, experience. It takes years of experience to know which building components consistently outperform others and which innovations improve on the traditional. With more than 25 years of experience in custom home construction, New Atlantic Builders knows how to pick the perfect high-quality woods, stones, bricks, tiles, and marbles to create a home of timeless beauty and state-of-the-art construction. That same expertise has evolved into a holistic approach that ensures everything that New Atlantic Builders does ­ from picking the best position of your home on its home site to selecting the right interior design features and exterior landscaping ­ to make your home distinctly yours.


Whether you are looking for a homesite, searching for the perfect plan, or ready to move into an inventory home, consider New Atlantic Builders for your project. Home by home, we have built a reputation for delivering superior craftsmanship, phenomenal customer service, and stunning home designs across North Florida. New Atlantic Builders delivers to its clients and their designers, 100% of what they promise, on time, with impeccable quality and a friendly smile. When you choose a New Atlantic Builders you can rest assured that your home is


“Custom By Choice, Excellence By Design.”

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